Nude and black *-*

THIRD installment to my Titanic nail “collection” if you will. WHO’S GOING TO SEE TITANIC TOMORROW?!?!

this is amazing omg ♥

sorry i was gone so long D:

I dont even have a good excuse, but…

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…I love you :3

a lot of people asked for a tutorial for my nails I did with plastic food wrap? its ridiculously easy, but I’ll do one anyway, maybe monday? sound good? yes. good.

and again, so sorry for not answering the questions while I was gone D:


FREEHANDED SPRING ROSESHmm…I guess I was too excited to submit this to prettynailswag’s spring nail art contest (which I snagged 2nd runner up~), and too quick to upload on instagram, that I forgot I didn’t actually post this up! Did this a little more than a week ago! :DColors Used:Urban Outfitters TaxiChina Glaze Lemon FizzRevlon PeachyNicole by OPI One Time LimeWet n Wild Megalast Tropicalia Sally Hansen Glass Slipper ALSO! AS OF MIDNIGHT, I’VE CREATED A FB PAGE FOR MY TUMBLR (: I’D APPRECIATE ANY “LIKES” <3 



I broke a nail, again, which was actually more saddening this time because I did it literally five minutes after spending a solid chunk of my morning filing and shaping my nails. I broke it doing laundry, too, which is just dumb. But regardless, that means I like doing a) vertical stripes to lengthen, and b) a clear base because my nails aren’t terribly stained now. STAY POSITIVE, CANDICE.

Haha I always do vertical stripes as well to lengthen my nails when they are short! Sorry to hear you broke a nail but these look gorgeous regardless! (:

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retro tiles

hooray for plastic food wrap ;D

i really want this color <3 but its impossible to find in my country ):
…I need a new camera omg 

Pastel print
Sally Hansen Whirlwind WhiteOPI Ogre the Top BlueOPI Sparrow Me the DramaOPI Do You Lilac It?OPI Mermaid’s Tears 

this was taken days after I actually painted my nails… hahaha clearly (: